Better Think Again


Trust God to relieve the righteous, avenge the wicked (Psm 94:8–15). #TrustGod #ThinkTwice #ThinkAgain

“Think Again”


I remember growing up thinking I could somehow outsmart my parents. I thought I could do things and not get caught. WRONG! Mothers especially seem to have a sixth sense about things. So it is with God. He created man; his eyes, ears and thought processes. God knows the wicked. He knows full well how they mistreat others and ignore him.

The righteous may suffer, but in the end God will instruct, comfort and relieve them. Not so the wicked – all that awaits them is God‘s justice and fury. The wicked ought to “think again” about God’s engagement with our lives. They have nothing to which to look forward. The righteous have everything to which to look forward.

Lord, sustain this old sentry amidst any suffering or injustice. I depend on your comfort and ultimate relief.

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