Enough Is Enough


Look to the Lord for your deliverance (Psm 94:1–7). #VengenceIsTheLord’s


The Psalmist knows well the intensity and earnestness of the one overwhelmed and victimized by the wicked. “How long, Oh Lord?“ will be there cry. Man strains under the load of the wicked, who seem never to be held accountable for their oppression of the righteous. “Enough!” Is our cry

Who among us has not felt some injustice, things over which we have no control?* The wicked, the thoughtless give God or others no thought. They act like God pays no attention or does not exist at all. The righteous cry out for the scales of justice to finally be tipped against the thoughtless and wicked. Lord, avenge the careless wicked ones and deliver your righteous ones from oppression.

* Some things over which we have no control:

Health problems, financial woes, insensitive people, barking dogs, decisions and choices of others, death. All things over which we may seek the Lord‘s deliverance.

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