Rightly Related To God


Be certain you are rightly related to God (Jud 1:5–8,10). #RightlyRelatedToGod #BeDiscerningOfTruth


An implied question arises out of the first few verses in Jude: would God really be that hard on false teachers? (ANS is YES!) Jude reminds us, God punished his own people for turning away from their faith (Deu 2:14). Paul points to this as a warning for those who abandon the faith (1Co 10:5–10). Jude goes on to point out that angels who defied heaven and left in rebellion are now imprisoned awaiting eternal judgment (Gen 6:1-6; 2Pe2:4).

Last reminder: Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire for their immorality and perversion (Gen 19:24). Apostate teachers were/are no different. They are immoral, rebellious and mock the supernatural. They are headed for a fiery end. Lord, I rejoice to know that I am in a right relationship with you. May I be discerning of those who espouse deceitful religious doctrines.

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