The 5th Column*


Be alert & defend against Sin’s tyrannical deceptions; live a life devoted to God (Jude 1:4). #BewareThe5thColumn #Apostasy #Heresey #NoLongerASlaveToSin


If I am to “defend the faith“ [core principles of salvation] (v3), what am I defending it from? Jude explains that ungodly people had deceitfully wormed their way into the church [an apostate “5th column”*]. They were teaching, espousing a heresy that used “God’s marvelous grace“ to permit living immoral lives (grace is abundant so have fun, sin the more).

These apostate forces (still at work today) denied the true call of Jesus to righteous, holy living. Paul and others in The New Testament condemned this heresy (eg. Rom 6:12–18). I am alert to Sin’s deception. Sin is no longer master over me. Jesus is my new master. Lord, you have freed me from the Sin master. It is you that I now freely serve.

* A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation.

2 thoughts on “The 5th Column*

  1. Thank you for your message today. As always it is very through provoking and wise council straight from God’s word. According to the definition of a fifth column. I believe our country’s leadership at all levels for the most part would fall into this category. We must all pray/plead for God not to remove his mercy, grace and protection from our country in spite of our leadership.


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