“Walk The Talk”


Seek to maintain a pure heart with God (Jer 9:25,26). #WalkTheTalk #BeWhatYouProclaim


Originally, for the Jew, circumcision was done as a sign of their Covenant with God. It reflected for them their obedience to God, their dedication to God (Gen 17:9–14). Paul, the Hebrew scholar, taught in the New Testament, that circumcision is of no spiritual consequence if a person has no change of heart towards God (Rom 2:28,29).

In Jeremiah, God was saying the same thing to his rebellious people. They followed the outward expressions of ritual (the letter of the law). But inwardly their hearts were far from God. They were no doubt appalled that Jeremiah would say they were no different than every other sinful pagan nation around them. In judgment, God would not discriminate between them.

Lord, what the prayer sentry says or does by rote/ritual won’t deliver him/her from judgment, but the condition of our heart towards you.

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