The Dawn Of “Mourning”


May there be godly sorrow for sin, a turning to God for mercy, justice and righteousness (Jer 9:17–24). #GodlySorrow #Repentance #JusticeAndMercy


The dawn of real mourning is rising upon Judah. Her unconfessed sin has led to God’s discipline/judgment:

1) The people must leave their land. Homes have been destroyed and children are cut down in their youth – they no longer play in the streets. There is no more gathering of young men in the market square.

2) Dead bodies will be left scattered everywhere and no one will be left to bury them.

3) But, the righteous shall be gathered together. Their boast will be in the unfailing love, justice and righteousness of the Lord.

At the end of God’s judgment is the hand of God reaching out to those who put their faith in him. This is the delight of God.

Today America is being overrun with an insurgence of unwarrantable people (many who wish to do us harm). Drugs, violence and declining birth rates are destroying our children. The market squares (businesses) are being gutted, looted and destroyed, taking her economy down with it.

Judgment/discipline is coming upon my beloved country. Wealth is being decimated by the decisions of the powerful. The poor and weak are being devastated by radical social and economic policies. All the while, this beloved country boasts in her power, might and independence. She worships at the altar of self-reliance and serves other gods (who are no gods). She is selling out to her enemies and thumbing her nose at the God of her forefathers; the God who made her good and made her great.

The Dawn of Mourning,” judgment of arrogance and godlessness is on the horizon. But for those faithful to Jehovah-God there will be an unfolding of mercy, justice and righteousness. They will understand that God delights in such things. They will see hope in the midst of devastation.

Oh, to be counted among those faithful. May those faithful grow in numbers every day. May this great land know the dawning of a spiritual awakening of national proportions. May revival spread like a great prairie fire across our land. Oh Lord, make it so!

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