Offending All Of Heaven


Remain faithful to the Lord God of Heaven; return to him (Jer 2:1–13). #OffendingAllOfHeaven #Repent #TurnBackToGod #WalkWithGod


What is the big problem that Jeremiah is confronting? The people of God eagerly set out to love, honor and obey God. They saw every enemy before them fall. Through the years they grew complacent towards God. They corrupted their lives with worthless idols (other lesser gods) of Canaan. They rejected God.

The priests (ministers), of all people, no longer sought God. Teachers ignored God, rulers turned against God and the prophets began speaking on behalf of other heinous gods.* The heavens were shocked and horrified at this behavior. So, for flagrant willful abandonment of God and detestable worship of heinous lesser gods, God’s people will face certain judgment. Lord, may I (my nation) always remain faithful to you in my life; where I (we) fail may I (we) repent and turn to you.

* Could there be any more clear description of the days and times we live in? Can America continue down this path and not expect to see a reckoning of our behavior? God help us.

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