A Forever Destiny


Be assured, by your surrender to Christ, of your eternal place in God’s kingdom (Isa 66:21,22). #ForeverDestiny


As the message of Redemption (the Gospel) is spread throughout the world, there shall come an expansion of faith beyond the confines of Judaism as will require many more “priests“ to serve Jehovah God. Just so, in the church age, those who have come to Christ are called a “royal priesthood“ in a “holy nation“ (1Pe 2:9).

This new “holy nation” shall be known by another name, “Christian“ (Acts 11:26). Isaiah says of this name, “As surely as the new heavens and earth will remain, so you will always be my people with a name that will never disappear“ (v22). Every believer may have the assurance of knowing that their place is held in God‘s eternal kingdom. So Lord, as a “priest” sentry, I stand in your eternal assurance for my forever destiny.

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