Genuine Worship


May your worship of God be sincere, humble and contrite (Isa 66:1,2). #TrueWorship #WorthyWorship #UndefiledWorship


I gather from my readings that this final chapter of Isaiah begins by addressing another form of “idolatry“ on the part of Israel. Seventy years of captivity in Babylon may have cured them of their worship of foreign gods. But following captivity they would fall to exceeding pride in their temple worship of God.

Israel would begin to substitute sincere and humble worship for elaborate forms of ritual, a system of rules keeping and outward pompous displays of devotion. In other words, they acted religious but their hearts were filled with pride over their religious activity and works (2Ti 3:5). Lord, I understand that it is only a sincere and contrite heart that you receive as worthy worship. Christianity is not doing things a certain way. It is a certain way of doing ev’thing..

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