Spirit Of Liberty


May we know the unmistakable power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives (Isaiah, selected Scriptures and 2Co 3:17). #ComeHolySpirit #TheSpiritBringsLiberty


Isaiah makes reference to the work of God‘s Holy Spirit more than any other prophet in the Old Testament. My Life Application Study Bible lists them. “The Spirit of the Lord: gives wisdom and fosters reverence for the Lord (11:2); gives abundance (32:15); carries out God’s word (34:16); is a counselor (40:13); indwells the Messiah (42:1); prospers God’s children (44:3–5); speaks truth through the prophets (48:16); appoints God’s messengers to proclaim the Good News (61:1); is grieved by sin (63:10,11) and gives rest to the weary (63:14).

We see in the New Testament the fulfillment of every attribute of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord for the presence, power and work of the Holy Spirit. Where the Spirit is there is freedom and liberty (2Co 3:17). Every sentry may rely fully upon the Holy Spirit of God.

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