The Lord, Our Victor


Open the gates of your heart that the Lord of glory may enter in (Isa 63:1-6; Psm 24:8,9). #ConqueringVictor #ChristTheKing

Christ Died, Risen, Coming Again


Isaiah mimics a conversation between a watchman (62:6,7) and a conquering warrior. The conquering warrior, clothes stained and crimson red, approaches. He is coming from the direction of the ancient adversary of Judah, Edom. He approaches with the air of a conquering victor…afraid of nothing and no one.

The watchman hails with some trepidation, “Who goes there? Why are your robes stained in red?“ The warrior replies, “It is I, the Lord, I have won your salvation…your liberty. It is I, the Lord, mighty to save. I have trampled my enemies. I have avenged my people, ransomed them from their oppressors.

I take from this prophecy as fulfilled (the Lord’s ultimate deliverance of Israel from Babylon) confidence to believe the prophetic word of Revelation 19:10-16. The Lord Christ will return as our conquering Redeemer. He will be the final Victor.

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