Where Last I Saw Him

PRAYER: Be always mindful of the Lord’s presence (Song of Solomon 5:2–6:3). #SeekTheGreatestLove https://www.bible.com/116/sng.5.2-7.nlt https://www.bible.com/116/sng.6.2-3.nlt


I have been for a week in sickness, forced by bodily frailties to separate myself from time with the great Love of my life. In The Song, the bride has slipped out of sight into her bedroom. I too am sequestered to my bedroom. But for me it is to my bed of illness. Yet the Love of my life does not leave me. He beckons to come in to me. But I am weak and undone in my body, unable to respond (v5:2,3).

Yet, my heart longs to be with the One who loves me. I try and try to rejoin Him but I am unable. I desire to be again in His presence (v4,5). I am beaten by the ill-tempered watchmen of sickness in the night (v7). But I know that the One who loves me may be found again, in His garden, where last I saw Him. “I am my lover’s, and my lover is mine” (6:2,3) “If you seek me, you shall find me“ (Jer 29:13).

Lord, I have missed my time with you while illness raged in my body. But I am being renewed in that body. Healing comes. I long now for renewal of my spirit. You lord, are never far from me. I always know where to find you. In that place where last I saw you.

3 thoughts on “Where Last I Saw Him

  1. *********************Deanne’s Greatest Love

    O my Precious Jesus, You are enthroned above the heavens. The earth and all creation bows before You. You are crowned with strength and glory; the angels crying “Holy” all surround You. Forever You will stand, Your kingdom has no end. O holy God, I stay amazed. You are much more than words could ever say. Oh, holy God, I pour out my praise on You, I pour out my love on You Precious Jesus.

    You are loving beyond measure; Your presence is a treasure I am seeking. You are an all consuming fire and I am Your desire and You are mine. I’m pouring out my praise on You. I’m pouring out my love on You > Precious Jesus. Oh, holy God I stay amazed. You are so much more than words could ever say. I pour out my love on You my Precious Jesus.

    ******************************************************************* The Word of God declares that the Lord’s love stands firm forever, that His faithfulness was established in heaven itself. The Lord loves you with an everlasting love, He has drawn you with loving-kindness. You are precious and honored in His sight. He is your loving God and your fortress, your stronghold and your deliverer, your shield, in whom you take refuge. He is faithful to all of His promises, for the Lord is good. The eyes of the Lord are on those whose hope is in His unfailing love.

    How priceless is His unfailing love. The Word says to keep His love ever before you. Trust in His love, consider His love, meditate on His love, remember His love, keep your hope in His love and rejoice in His love. ***************************************************** Precious Lord Jesus, I pour out my love on You, I pour out my praise and I rejoice in Your love for me. You are my dearest love and my treasure forever and ever. ***************************************************************************************

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  2. Personal circle of prayer for Bro Roger and Dianne: ****************************************************************** Precious Jesus, Right now in the midst of the storm, we turn to You and hold on to Your love, we are trusting in Your love for us. We know that there is strength, healing and power in Your Name > Jesus. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for Song of Solomon. May Your healing flow through Brother Roger’s body as he is meditating on Your love. As the mountains surround Jerusalem so You surround Roger and Dianne. Bring Your encouragement, I draw a circle around them, a circle of prayer. We so need You Jesus. Guide us in Your love for us. Your voice is exceedingly sweet, You are altogether lovely. Jesus, my eyes are filled with tears as I see this picture of the young woman standing and looking out at the water. I know that she sees Your love for her, she sees Your provision giving her shelter providing her refuge. I know what she is feeling Jesus, You are our Beloved.

    I come to You Jesus in Your love, standing by the still waters, trusting and believing in You, amen. *********************************************************************************

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