Getting Our House In Order

Confess sin daily; stay pure before God (2Ch 30:21-25). #ConfessSin,25.nlt


Foreigners in Jerusalem and the nations of Judah and Israel repented of sin, returned to God. God showed up in revival. For “seven days” they celebrated the “Festival Of Unleavened Bread” (FOUB), a remembrance of the deliverance of God’s people out of Egypt. The Israelites were told (Exo 12) to make unleavened bread (flour and water) in preparation to be delivered hastily from Egypt (symbol of bondage and sin). Seven days equals the distance between Egypt and the Red Sea (symbol of deliverance).

Leavened bread is symbolic of sin. Just a little, over time, will affect the whole loaf. Unleavened bread is a symbol of purity, sincerity and truth (2Co 5:7,8). In short, the FOUB is a joyous celebration of redemption from the bondage of sin. It is about getting my house in order; ridding my life of sin. Lord, I am in daily need of cleansing from sins that beset me (1Jn 1:9). Lord, America will perish in sin without revival, confession of sin.

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