Human Need Trumps Ritual

Will you have a repentant heart toward God? (2Ch 30:17-20). #Repent #SurrenderedHeart


The people sincerely and joyfully responded to King Hezekiah’s call to repentance, cleansing and return to God. They gathered from all over the land, in the capital city, Jerusalem, for Passover. It all happened so quickly that the people had not properly prepared, been physically cleansed, to take a Passover meal. So Hezekiah interceded for the people, asking God to waive the ritual requirement of cleansing. God heard his prayer. He forgave and healed them.

God will always set aside the rules for the relationship. God is not as concerned with sacrifice as he is with sincere surrender and devotion. Genuine repentance will always be preferred over rites and rituals. What I do outwardly is never more important than who I am inwardly.

Lord this sentry stands condemned by the law. Were it not for Christ, I would be hopelessly lost in my sin and without remedy before you. I humbly repent. I know you will heal and forgive

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