Keep The Main Thing, Main

Avoid jumping to conclusions; don’t sit in judgment of others (Rom 14:6-10). #KeepTheMainThingTheMainThing


Wherever people gather there will be differing opinions; the potential for debate. All of Romans 14–15:13 challenges two such topics: eating meat sacrificed to idols and what days are to be considered as “holy.“ [Today such debates may occur around instruments or no instruments in church, style of worship, hymns vs choruses, et al]. This entire section needs to be understood in the context of Romans 12 and 13.

What should govern every debate? A culture of Christlikeness, genuine love for others, respect for authority, giving God room to work in people’s lives, etc. Rule #1 – Do no harm (13:10). Rule #2 – Consider your own accountability to God (14:12). Rule #3 – Keep the main thing [preaching the gospel] the main thing (15:20). Lord, prevent me from judging others.

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