A COVID Prayer, Parakeets and Parents


(Posted by a friend on Face Book – Sep 4, 2020)

We had an incredible thing happen last Friday and we’ve been laughing about it all week. 

[Our daughter] has been asking for a parakeet for about a month.* We told her no way. She has not ceased in praying for one every night. She asked [her grandparents]. They gave a hard “No” as well.  [Our daughter] explained to us a “certainty” she feels in her heart when she prays. I said – “That’s the Lord- but it doesn’t mean a bird is coming.” I’m always thankful for conversations like this because I love listening to her faith. I still assured her- “We won’t buy you one.” She continued to pray anyway. 

Last Friday I had a rough day [COVID & school closures strike again]. I had a very discouraging conversation with a friend. [Her daughter], who has been blessed with some of the best teachers in the world was still crying about online learning. So many struggling that mean the world to me. I couldn’t stop crying. Just a heavyhearted day.

I went by the “Cookie Genius” for the porch pick up and they were sold out of cookies so I jokingly sent a text that said – I’m having the kind of day – I might run my suburban through your front door. I knew [the owner of] the “Cookie Genius” would smile at my ridiculousness. 

She actually laughed and then went the extra mile. Later that afternoon [my “cookie genius” friend] brought over a box of her “mistake” cookies. Such a sweet gesture that was so dear to me. I cried telling her about my day and how I’d just gotten off the phone with another friend who’d prayed [for me that] the Lord would surprise me with His goodness.* We then walked to her car. 

As we’re standing there talking – she says “Hello beautiful bird about to land on your shoulder.” It actually landed on her car. I then stuck out my finger and it stepped on my finger like we’d known each other forever. It was a parakeet.* Truly unbelievable. [My friend] said, “What in the world?” I said, “I don’t know but [my daughter] has been praying for one of these.” [We both] laughed so hard and marveled at a parakeet coming out of the sky on a 114 degree day. 

[Later we] walked in [to my house, gave my daughter the parakeet and told her the story. She] received the bird with tears and thankfulness. [My husband] said we could buy [the bird] a cage if [our daughter would] pray nightly for [my husband to have] a full head of hair. 

Can a heavy heart be lifted by a parakeet? It’s the craziest thing, but I can now answer, “Yes”. Turns out God’s eye is on the sparrow and the parakeet and on me,* a mom struggling to figure out how to honor Him in this life we’ve been given. 

Meet “Cookie”…a gift of joy and grace to us as long as she stays in our home. Our God is a God of the unexpected…And I’m asking that in this season of crazy – He’d surprise you as well.

* Compiler’s emphasis

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