Never give up on the study of God’s Word to understand divine intention (Heb 7:3). #StudyGod’sWord #SearchGod’sWord

Melchizedek Acknowledged by Abraham

Morning Watch Notes:

How is Melchizedek a “priest forever“? Remember, Melchizedek resembles Christ, not Christ like Melchizedek. A “priest forever,” eternal and perpetual, can only apply to Christ. Melchizedek simply foreshadows the eternal nature of the preexistent Christ in the only way he humanly can, symbolically.

With no record of father, mother or ancestors; with no record of his beginning or end, Melchizedek merely resembles Jesus, Son of God, Messiah and Christ, our eternal Priest, our Priest forever (Psm 110:4; Heb 5:6; 6:20; 7:17). Our understanding of who Melchizedek is hangs on one point. Melchizedek resembles Christ in typology – Christ is the archetype. Melchizedek is the copy. His presence pictures/reveals, teaches, divine intention.

Lord, you help this old sentry understand hard things about the divine plan of God.

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