Disbelief Exposed


May our hearts be delivered from evil disbelief (Heb 3:12–15). #EvilUnbelievingHeart #DoNotHardenYourHeart


The writer here repeats his warning to be careful not to allow our hearts to become hardened. Believers are to warn each other of this regularly. He refers here to an “evil disbelieving” heart. This is the worst kind of evil that is here mentioned. It is not a casual unbelief. It is allowing our heart to be so intentionally contrary to God that we lead others also into disbelief.

This is what Israel did (3:16-19) and a whole generation of people died in the wilderness never having set foot in God’s land of promise for them. This is an evil hardening of the heart of the first order. Lord there was a time in my life when this oft wayward sentry stood on the brink of an “evil disbelieving heart.” I was in danger of losing my very life. But you rescued me at just the right time. I am eternally grateful.

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