Summoned To Devotion


Exalt Jesus as Lord, superior to every other Prophet or Priest (Heb 3:1-6). #JesusIsGreater


As believers, brothers and sisters with and in Christ, we are partners (equal together) in the call of God heavenward. It is Jesus to whom we must pay attention and exalt. He was/is God’s voice among us and the bridge between God and man. He is the fulfillment of every prophetic message and every priestly duty and responsibility.

Jesus was faithful to God, just as Moses was. But Jesus deserves far more credit and honor because he was over the house God was building. He was/is the end goal of salvation. What Moses built on earth merely pointed to what God was and is building in heaven. Jesus is over this heavenly house (God’s kingdom). In him we put our confidence and hope.

Lord, this prayer sentry is summoned to be faithful to the call of ministry, faithful to one another and faithful to the call of Christ Jesus in my devotion to him.

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