Destined To Rule


Give praise for God’s grace given to man for his salvation (Heb 2:5-10). #DestinedToRule #SatanLoses


In this passage I am looking “behind the curtain.“ In my mind‘s eye I am seeing one certain angelic being brooding over the fact that God created man a little lower than the angels, but then put him in charge of the world. Did Lucifer, right then and there, decide he would destroy man, leaving him and his angelic followers in charge?

Pride entered into Lucifer’s heart. He was expelled from Heaven (Ezk 28:2; Isa 14:12–14; Rev 12:7-9). He tempted Adam and Adam chose to follow Satan. But Satan could not succeed at his plan. Jesus becoming man robbed Satan of the opportunity. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given” (Isa 9:6). In the end, Satan and his followers, will be destroyed forever (Rev 20:10). Lord, you have clearly been looking out for me since the beginning of time.

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