Respect The NAME


Honor, respect God’s name with your words and with your life (Psm 99:1–5). #RespectTheNameOfGod #HonorGodsName #RespectTheHoly

“KAVOD” (honor, respect)


In our home we had just one rule for our kids growing up. “You’re a Christian, you belong to God; you’re a Hollar, you belong to me.” In other words, if you always honor the name, you’ll never be in trouble.

God‘s name is synonymous with his nature. His name is “Holy.“ He himself is “holy“ How loosely and randomly we describe things as holy. “Holy cow; holy mackerel; holy smokes,“ I’ve heard much worse. There is only one holy. He is the THE HOLY. “Holy” describes God’s nature. He is set apart – sinless, morally perfect, in every way honorable.

Any other use of “holy” is degenerate. To carelessly invoke God’s name is to besmirch, soil the very fabric of his nature. Be certain, the next time you use God‘s name, that it is done with the honor and respect ascribed to him. The only acceptable use of God’s name is to honor and bow low at its use. Lord, may this old sentry honor your holy name with his words and life.

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