Flip The Script


Look to the glorious return and presence of our God & King (Psm 97:1-9). #TheGloryOfOurGod #JesusWillReignOverEarth #RejoiceInTheLord #GodFlipsTheScript


No need to panic. No need for God‘s righteous ones to wring their hands. Be anxious for nothing. The Lord is king and his return flips the script. The glory of the Lord, his presence, his epiphany is announced in creation (ominous clouds, blazing fire, flashing lightning, earthquakes, mountains shaken).

God is always at work in and through the affairs of men. None of what happens on earth surprises God, nor alters his plan.

When God shows up he flips the script. Idol worshipers will know in an instant that they were wrong. Every lesser god, every lifeless stone, wood, metal Idol will bow down to the supreme Lord of the earth. All of his godly ones will rejoice. Lord, I am emboldened in my spirit to stand strong in the Lord my God.

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