Paying Attention To The Signs?


Pay attention and seek the Lord in uncertain times; know his promise of hope (Jer 16:14-18). #TurnNowToGod #Repent #SeekTheLordNow #PayAttention


In the midst of a prophecy regarding the coming remedial judgment (versus final judgment) there is a promise of hope. For those who speak for God, those who are listening to God’s voice and those who are repentant of sin, there is a promise. A promise of hope for better days. In the final judgment there will be no turning back.

There will be those who will proclaim through these days, “God delivered us through the judgment.“ But everyone who defiled the land with worship of pagan idols and evil intentions will be hunted down by evil men. Their punishment will be double for their rejection and defiance of God. But there is yet hope for the recalcitrant who is paying attention and turns to God.

Lord, may we seek you while you may still be found. May we call on you while you are still near (Isa 55:6).

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