Struggle For The Soul Of America

The Struggle Is Resl

Joe Biden made the claim that his campaign, yea even his presidency, was/is “a struggle for the soul of America.” But for him, or any other politician, that claim is merely political hyperbole, campaign rhetoric. It is a strategic word game to get votes.

There is in fact a real struggle for the soul of America. But it is not a struggle between the powers of two political parties. It is a struggle between the forces of good and evil.

The only way the soul of America may be won for the good is by a true and national repentance.

One thought on “Struggle For The Soul Of America

  1. AMEN and well said my brother! True repentance will in fact set us free and deliver us from our enemies both foreign and domestic if we would truly repent as a nation. I stand in agreement with you!


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