Heed The Signs


Walk in humble acknowledgment of God‘s sovereign Grace and holiness (Jer 14:1–10).


Here we see God sending a drought on Judah for her rejection of him. This should not have been a surprise. God warned them (Deu 28:22-24) this would happen if they turned their backs on him. The drought was devastating the city, the farmers and the livestock. Nobles, who never seem to be without, send servants for water. They returned with empty pitchers because the cisterns are empty.

The people had rejected the Living Water for false empty cisterns (2:13); false gods who offer no life-giving water. Their grief and crying is not for sin but for their own personal comfort. God will not answer. Lord, your warnings are clear. May we pay heed to the signs of judgment. May we acknowledge you as sovereign and humbly repent, while we still can.

2 thoughts on “Heed The Signs

  1. So the world chooses to blame the drought conditions around the globe on global warming instead of learning from pass history and believing that when you choose to exclude God and His sovereignty from your daily lives, and serve the God of self, that he leaves you to deal with the consequences on your own.
    Lord I pray that You continue to bless Your people, those of us that have put our faith and trust in You, with Your hand of protection and we thank You for not give us what we deserve.


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