Accountable Leaders


Seek out godly leaders who will rule in righteousness and wisdom (Jer 13:21b-24). #EveryLeaderAccountable #Repent #PrayForGodlyLeaders #InWithTheGoodOutWithTheBad #TrunNowToGod


God turns to the people of Judah. He speaks in broad terms. Though there is a remnant who love and follow God, Judah, as a people, had left God behind. They have tolerated unrighteous and godless leaders. They held them UNACCOUNTABLE.

So, now God says the people cannot repent. They cannot repent any more than the African can change the color of his skin or the leopard can remove its spots. For Judah repentance is not an actual impossibility. It is, sadly to say, for them a moral impossibility. They could repent, but they will not.

So for America the question is not will she repent. The question is can she repent. Has she crossed the line of moral imperative. No one but God would know that. It remains for those who still can repent and will repent to continue speaking for God; raising the issue of repentance at every opportunity. Will we, like Jeremiah, now find ourselves weeping for the leaders/shepherds? They have failed to follow God. The sheep are being scattered. Will the remnant hold to a standard of righteousness and hold her leaders ACCOUNTABLE?

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