The Omniscient Calendar


Surrender your life and plans to an INFINITE OMNISCIENT GOD (Psm 75:2,3). #GodsCalendar #GodsInfinitePlans #Omniscience


God says, “At the time I have planned.“ I am treading on holy ground here. I (the finite one) am going to make an educated guess at how I think the INFINITE ONE works in time. That’s a pretty silly sounding thought. I’ll give it a shot.

God is at work in his calendar of time. He knows the appointed times of his justice, judgment and redemption. He knows how and what circumstances he will forge in the affairs of men. In all of that, he also takes into account the free will of man and how man will respond to him (Note Pro 16:9).

When I put things down in my calendar they are always tentative. Circumstances I am unaware of may change my plans without notice (Jas 4:13-16). God on the other hand is omniscient and knows all from beginning to end (Isa 46:9,10; 1Jn 3:20). When God created his calendar of time he did so with complete knowledge of all the events and circumstances of men.

The most important thing this old sentry can do is to humbly yield my plans and responses to circumstances to the INFINITE CREATOR GOD.

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