Take The Fight To God


View any adversity as a teacher and an open door to share the truth of the Gospel (Jer 12:5,6). #BreakAllBarriers #NoFear


“Why are the wicked prosperous and happy? (v1,2)? How long must we suffer (v4)?” One might initially think that God is sidestepping Jeremiah’s honest questions. But no, God makes a critical point. Jeremiah hasn’t seen the worst that is yet to come.

God says, “Are you tired racing with men? What will you do racing horses?”

“Are you stumbling in open ground (trusting only in times of peace)? How will you handle the really tough terrain (times of terrible hardship)? Even your own family Jeremiah, plot against you.“

Light adversity trains and hardens us for greater adversity to come. I’ll take my fight to you, God. Lord, may I view any adversity, large or small, as a trainer and an open door to share the truth of the Gospel (Rev 3:8-10).

We face adverse times in America. It may get worse before it gets better…if it gets better. No guaranties. These “last days” will be trying. Believers must see these days as open doors to share the truth of the gospel. Stand fast. Trust God.

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