“Vincere Diem!”


Be aware of those who reject the word of the Lord, who secretly work to silence God’s message/messenger; fear not. (Jer 11:18-23). #GodWinsTheDay

“Vincere Diem!”


Jeremiah‘s pleadings with the people of Judah to repent and follow the Lord were met with anger, hostility and skepticism…even in his own hometown of Anathoth. Centuries later Jesus had the same problem (Mrk 6:4; Luk 4:24; Jhn 4:44). God revealed the plot to kill Jeremiah by the men of his hometown. They didn’t want to hear what Jeremiah had to say.

Note the language. “I was like a pet lamb being led to the slaughter.” Jeremiah had no idea this plot was happening, but God was standing in his corner to fight for him and Win the Day. “VINCERE DIEM!” Lord I am alert to those who reject and/or deflect God’s word; who might secretly work against your message. They are in your hands, Lord.

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