A Sentry Prayer


Seek God’s merciful correction for our wayward hearts (Jer 10:23–25). #JusticeAndMercy #Repentance


Having condemned the idolatry of Judah (7:1–10:22), Jeremiah takes on the persona of his countrymen. He prays as one of them. His prayer is an example for all who pray for the demise of any people, family or individuals who face certain judgment for flagrant sin before God.

As a sentry on the wall of prayer I do not stand in isolation from my countrymen. I may call out and warn, but if the people I serve do not heed the call, then I will suffer the same consequences along with them.

Jeremiah’s prayer 1) acknowledges the limits of our understanding in choosing our course in life. 2) He humbly asks for God‘s merciful, gentle, not angry course corrections. Finally, 3) he asks God to save his wrath for those enemies of God who do not acknowledge him and devour God’s people. This is how the prayer sentry can pray for his people.

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