If We Repent


Lord, may we express a spirit of humility and repentance in America (Jer 10:16–18). #Repentance #HumbleYourselves #LordSendRevival


Through the prophet Jeremiah God says, “I Am and I am the Lord of Heavens Armies.” He claims Israel as his special possession. It is he that is speaking. For Israel’s idolatry and prideful arrogance, God, the eternal “I Am,“ says he is coming in judgment.

The siege against Jerusalem is about to begin. The people of Judah are about to be suddenly homeless. God is about to pour out great troubles on his people. They who thought themselves untouchable are about to feel gods anger. Lord, how shall my beloved nation, America, escape so great a judgment? If she does not repent she will be herself suddenly homeless in this world.

“History is littered with the remains of once great empires, each one having had their turn at the very helm of the world. They rose to high prominence, yet today they are only a memory. Will this be true of America? The commonalities and diagnosis is alarming.” So says this article in Herald of His Coming: Revival Can Save A Nation.

See also in this blog, Is America Undergoing Judgment, Is The Church Complicit?

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