Faith Defenders


Remain faithful to God‘s word and the gospel message (Jude 1:3). #DefendTheFaith #TestTheSpirits #StudyGodsWord #ConfessSin #ConnectWithGodsPeople #ShareYourFaith #Pray


Jude has a lot to say about false teachers (apostate deceivers). He minces no words and is clear about their judgment. So how does one remain vigilant and loyal to the faith?

My thoughts are these:

1) Be filled with the Spirit (Eph 5:18)

2) Know God‘s word. Read it, study it, meditate on it and memorize it (2Ti 2:15; Psm 119:11)

3) Make prayer a priority in your life (Col 4:2; Phi 4:6)

4) Stay in close fellowship with other believers (Heb 10:25);

5) Examine closely what teachers are saying about God’s word (1Jn 4:1–3; Act 17:11);

6) Maintain a right relationship with God. Confess sin and trust him for forgiveness (1Jn 1:9);

7) Be a faithful witness and share your faith in Christ regularly (Mat 28:19,20; Act 1:8).

Lord, keep this old sentry filled with your Spirit that I may remain always faithful to your Word and to the Gospel message. I will be a…


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