“Do Your Job”

Speak compassionately to the world around you in rebellion against God (Jer 8:18-22; Jer 9:1,2) #DoYourJob #CompassionateWitness


Jeremiah is in deep conflict of soul… weeping before the Lord for his people, Judah. He is mournful at the destruction of Jerusalem. At the same time Jeremiah is revulsed at the sin and rebellion of Judah. God reminds Jeremiah that the “harvest is finished and the summer is gone” – the times of repentance has passed. Judgment is now a certainty.

God did not leave Judah. Judah left God. God has never left my beloved nation either. But she has walked away from him.

Deep compassion and righteous anger are the extremes felt by the prophet. He would like to forget this people, to run and hide. But, of course, he cannot. Yes Lord, I would like to run away and hide from the sin and rejection of God in my world too. But I cannot. As long as this watchman has breath in his body, he has a part to play in God’s redemption plan. Carry out the “Sentinel Orders” listed at the top of this blog.

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