Warning From The Past


May we come in humble repentance to God and not ignore his mercy (Jer 7:25-29). #TurnNowToGod #RepentTowardsGod


God continues to make his case against Judah. Since the days of Moses, God had sent his prophets to speak to the heart of his people, to no avail. They were stubborn and did even worse evil than their ancestors. Yet God in his mercy and grace continues to warn us of his judgment e even today. (Note 1st Corinthians 10, esp. vv 11-13)

God tells Jeremiah to keep shouting his message of repentance; then to shave his head (a sign of mourning) and weep before God. For the people will not listen or respond to him. They no longer know the truth nor even try to do it. The Lord rejected that generation. Their flagrant sin had provoked God’s fury.

What say you, O watchman on the wall? What say you to the calls of God to turn to him? Will you turn in humble repentance or ignore God’s mercy? Will you continue to shout out the message of repentance?

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