Don’t Pray For Help?


Always be devoted to unceasing prayer for a spirit of repentance (Jer 7:16). #PrayWithoutCeasing #BeDevotedInPrayer #PrayForRepentance


I cannot imagine a worse scenario. God tells Jeremiah, “Pray no more for these people. Do not weep or pray for these people. Don’t beg me to help them, for I will not listen to you.“ Notice, he said don’t beg me to help these people. He didn’t say to stop praying for repentance.

The sins of Judah had defiled them so badly that they were completely and totally incorrigible towards God. They were impervious to constraints or correction…out of control. Their hearts were like stone towards God. Therefore, judgment was on its way and God would not stop the destruction…UNLESS, THEY REPENT (7:3-7). God will hear that prayer.

Thankfully Lord, you never told anyone not to pray in the New Testament. Instead we are told to be devoted to prayer and to pray without ceasing (Col 4:2; Luk 18:1). Intercession is the call of the watchman to duty. Prayer for repentance is always an appropriate prayer.

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