“If Only”


Seek to follow after the one true God, [the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ] (Jer 7:1-7 [1Pe 1:3]). #IfOnly #SeekAfterGodAlone #RepentTowardsGod

If Only


“Even now,“ the Lord speaks to Judah (his people), by the mouth of the prophet Jeremiah. “I will let you stay in your land [I will extend my hand of mercy].“ God’s judgment may be avoided, “If only…“ The Lord lays out the conditions of repentance.

“If only“ – stop doing and thinking only evil and treat people justly.

“If only“ – stop the exploitation of the weak, the innocent and the unsuspecting.

“If only“ – stop the murder, the killing and the intolerance.

“If only“ – stop harming and deceiving yourselves by worshiping idols (gods who are no gods).

The conditions of repentance are: be just, be compassionate, be loving and tolerant, be devoted to Jehovah God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (1Pe 1:3). Would these things not change all of society, all of America?

Oh Lord, give this duty sentry (give the spirit of America) a willing heart of repentance towards and devotion to, the one true God, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One minute with Billy Graham; Los Angeles 1963

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