20 Inches To Mercy


Live life on your knees before God (Jer 6:1-9) #HumbleSurrender #Repentance #TurnNowToGod


Again Jeremiah sounds the alarm – the enemy (Babylon) is about to descend on Jerusalem. “She spouts all manner of evil and her streets are filled with violence and destruction“ (vv6,7). Sound familiar? How much more evil can America flaunt in God’s face? How much more violence can she do before judgment comes? Make no mistake, God‘s judgment will come and it will be thorough, complete.

Yet, in God’s great mercy, the call is to repent and turn to him. Even at the 11th hour there is still time to turn to God. Louie Giglio once said, “It is only 20 inches to God’s mercy – the distance between our knees and the floor.” Then he called several thousands in attendance to get on their knees. He led in prayer for America; for her people and for her leaders. Father, I pray for America. I pray that she would turn to you in repentance.

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