Can’t Happen Here


Return to a path of faithfulness to God (Jer 5:13–19). #TurnNowToGod #Repent


When the people continue in their sin and reject those who warn them of judgment [“Can’t happen here”] they provoke God to act, to bring correction. The message and warnings from God will intensify and burn with conviction past the point of no return. Judgment is inevitable for Judah (for any nation who continues to reject God).

Babylon would fall upon Judah, destroy her culture, her children, her economy, her mighty cities and exile her, save a remnant of those faithful few. Some will still question – “Why did God do this?“ The preacher must answer, “Because you rejected God to serve other gods [who are no gods].“

It is troubling to see the godless ideologies of our day destroying our culture, our children, our economy and our military. Lord, my beloved nation has gone down the same path of rejection toward you as Judah. May our churches know revival; may there be a spiritual awakening in the land.

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