A Time For Personal Brokenness


Lord, break my heart for the things that matter to you (Jer 4:19-21). #PersonalBrokenness #Broken


I imagine Jeremiah convulsing in great sobs over the coming plight of Judah. His heart is breaking snd his body manifests the movements and gestures of one who is staggering and reeling. He is overwhelmed at the emotional jolt of Judah’s destruction. Through sobs of emotional and spiritual pain he weeps before God, “How long will the destruction last?“

When I understand the lamentation of Jeremiah for the people of God and the destructive consequences of sin, it causes me to question my own compassion for the people of my nation, my community. It causes me to wonder just how deeply the sins of our society, of my own life, burden me.

How troubled am I really for things beyond my small span of personal concerns? I wonder, what must God be thinking about my own responses to the causes and consequences of sin around me; even my own sin. So I ask, “Lord, would you sufficiently break my heart for the things that matter to you. May I make a difference for my world by earnest prayer, a compassionate witness and a life well-lived for you.”

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