“Wouldn’t It Be Nice”


May we cast off the bonds of sin to be rightly related to God (Jer 3:16,17,4:2). #WouldntItBeNice #CastOffTheBondsOfSin #Repentance #WalkFaithfullyWithGod


Jeremiah paints an idyllic picture of Israel and Judah coming together as one again, in repentance toward God. It is Jeremiah‘s vision and God‘s desire that Israel and Judah turn fully back to God. Like The Beach Boys hit, Wouldn’t It be Nice (lyrics below*). Two lovers are united in marriage, finally getting to live life faithfully together as one.

Jeremiah pictures God’s people crying out in repentance to their forgotten God and Father of all comforts. Wouldn’t it be nice to come together once again to worship the Lord God alone. Oh, how the prophet pleads with Israel and Judah to lie down in shame, confess their sin and return to God.

* “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (1966) The Beach Boys

(Brian Wilson later describe the purpose of the song was to convey a “feeling of joy.” [It was a day when marriage meant something special])

What joy it would be to be reunited in Christ in revival and spiritual awakening in the land

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