I Hear Ya Talkin’


Do not minimize your sin; own it, repent of it, return to God (Jer 3:1-5). #IHearYouTalkin #BlahBlahBlah #YouGottaWalkTheTalk #TurnBackToGod


I cannot think of a much more demeaning example than to be equated with a prostitute. It graphically portrays a total moral collapse. It reveals a flagrant and intentional departure from all that is moral and right. Judah committed spiritual adultery. God views their abandonment of him for other gods (who are no gods) as spiritual prostitution.

What does Judah do? She minimizes her sin and guilt. “Come on God. Shoot, you’ll always be our number one guy. We’re just exploring life. You know us – we’re not that bad (tisk, tisk). Surely you can’t be angry over a few incidental departures from you.”

“God says, “I hear you talkin’, but I see no change in how you’re walkin’.“ It is clear that we can never negotiate with God over our sin. Lord may it not be said of this old sentry that I simply minimize my sin and take lightly my relationship with you.

A favorite rap:

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