Stand Up, Take Action


Prepare well for whatever God calls you to do (Jer 1:17). #StandReadyForAction


Pray much, plan well, work smart, stand fast

Some look at ministers and think, “What a sweet job. Pray, study the Bible all day…“ But, ministry requires hard work, long hours and usually not much thanks. In fact, when I felt God‘s call on my life, a wise pastor told me, “If you can do anything else, do it.“ Jeremiah’s call was to action. God tells Jeremiah to prepare himself heart, soul, mind and body for action – to be resolute.

Peter, in the New Testament, uses similar words to encourage Christians dispersed throughout the world. Get up. Stand ready and do all God says (1Pe 1:13). It is on the Christian, called by God to ministry, to pray much, plan well, work smart and stand fast. Lord, keep this old sentry focused and resolute on the task of witnessing and intercession.

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