Lord, Save Now


Lord, send your Spirit into our midst and awaken us from our free-fall into the pits of depravity (Psm 65:5-8). #DeliverUsLord #LordSaveNow #SendAwakeningInOurMidst


I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the events of the last 48 hours (Roe v. Wade reversal leak and the violent pushback). But we have seen in this country, violence growing at an exponential rate since the George Floyd murder 24 months ago.

We have seen the violent reactions to draconian measures to control a pandemic. We are witnessing an unprovoked and despotic war against Ukraine by Russia.

Dear Lord, you truly are the hope of everyone on earth, to the furthest reaches of the globe. You can move in mighty strength to save. You can quiet the rage, quell the anger and silence the boisterous threats among us. You lord, are our best hope, our only hope, to save us from our own self-destruction.

Lord, we desperately need you to send your spirit into our midst and awaken us from our free-fall into the pits of depravity. May we be inspired by your awesome deeds to shout for joy.

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