Stand With God For Your City


Bring my city to repentance; lead believers to live faithfully for God (Zep 3:1-5). #HeartCryForRepentance #PrayForYourCity

“Everyone has turned to his own way.” Isaiah 53:6


Who is to blame for the crime, violence, rebellion, pollution, pride, arrogance and indifference to God in Jerusalem, City of God? The leaders, the judges, the prophets and priests. At every level of civic and spiritual governance, those responsible for the well-being of the people, live for their own gain and disobey God’s instructions. They victimize the people and devour their lives“ (v5). [Sound familiar?]

“Yet, the Lord is in the city and he does no wrong“ (v5). God does not disown his people or abandon them. No, he stays in their midst, warning, judging, loving, pursuing, calling the people to repentance. But the leadership and the people show no shame. They are without remorse. “Deep sorrow awaits God’s rebellious people” (v1). Lord, what can I do but pray and live faithfully in the midst of my city.

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