Avoid Godless Behavior


Behave in a way that reflects true faith and virtue, not godless disrespect (2Ti 3:3-5) #AvoidGodlessBehavior #InfluenceOthersForChrist

The Chaos Of Godlessness


“In the last days.“ Paul breaks down how men, in the last days, violate the 10 Commandments (v1,2). They reject God (Commandments #1-4). They dishonor parents (Com #5). Now we see in verses 3-5 that they will betray others around them (Coms # 6-10).

Paul describes the behavior of men in the last days as unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, undisciplined, cruel, contemptuous, treasonous, reckless, arrogant and hedonistic. In all of this, many claim to be religious, but there is no proof of that in their lives. Is it any wonder that many people look at “Christians“ as bigoted, confrontational and self-righteous?

Lord, 1) fill thy sentry with your Spirit, 2) may no such behavior be attributed to my life and 3) may my life be an influence for faith, virtue and goodness.

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