I have some friends whose 15 year old granddaughter is undergoing brain surgery this morning to remove a benign tumor. This was basically what I wrote to them.

I know how fearsome it can be for parents and grandparents to release a young child into the care of a surgeon. That child is suddenly beyond your own safekeeping and in the care of someone other than yourself. You’ve signed papers releasing that child into the care of basically, a stranger. At that point we realize just how much we rely upon God for outcomes in life. This is the definition of TOTAL SURRENDER.

God has also given us some beautiful assurances, even though we do not yet know the outcome. Everything is on his hands. We trust him no matter the outcome. He will provide every strength and comfort for whatever lies ahead.

You may cast [heave, fling] your every anxiety, fear and apprehension over onto God, because he cares for you.

God will keep the one whose mind is stayed on him, in perfect peace, because that one trusts in Him.

So may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at every turn [today and everyday] and in every conceivable way. The Lord be with you all.

(1Pe 5:7; Isa 26:3; 2Th 3:16)

To that child, Please tell her we’re praying for her. Tell Her mom she is so loved by the Father, that he cares deeply for her anxious heart. Praying for her sister as well.

To the grandparents, you know what manner of love the Father has given unto us. He has your own anxious hearts in his care as well.

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