Stopping Prejudice


Father God, unite every brother & sister in Christ to end prejudice (1Ti 6:1,2) #RedYellowBlackWhiteOneInChrist #OneNewMan


“Slavery;“ a wicked blight on the soul of any society. It was true in the ancient world and when Paul wrote (e.g. Egypt, Babylon, Rome and others). It was true of Britain, America and others in recent history.

How is such a blight stamped out for good? By changed hearts, including masters and slaves; hearts surrendered to God and the Lord Jesus Christ* (Col 3:10-17; Eph 2:14-16). One need only point to the changed lives of John Newton and William Wilberforce, whose surrendered hearts to Christ helped to end slavery in Britain and America.

Do we still have things on which to work? Certainly we do. But, under God, in Christ, we shall succeed, one heart at a time, to stamp out such despotism and prejudice. It begins with me and my friends (all colors) in Christ.

Lord, eradicate any shred of prejudice found in our hearts (red, yellow, black or white). May every person, regardless of color, always have my full respect and honor as equal in every human relation.

* “It is this very spirit [of Christ] which is here instilled into the slave, elsewhere in Paul’s letters also into the master, which finally wiped out the whole institution of slavery. It must be noted that the thread of honor runs through the [letter to Timothy].” – RCH Lenski, Commentary on 1 Timothy 6:1,2, Augsburg Press, 1961 (Pg. 694).

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