A Losing Strategy: Neglect


Keep your spiritual ears open, listen to and obey God (Isa 65:11,12). #ReadyToListen #GodIsSpeaking #DontTemptGod

Neglect Warning Won’t End Well

If the winning strategy with God is faithfulness (this blog), what is a losing strategy? NEGLECT.

Israel would suffer the consequences of willfully ignoring God. I remember as a kid, one thing that would really set my mom off was to not come home when she called me for dinner (back in the day). I knew the hour was close, but I went anyway, too far away in the neighborhood to hear her call.

That is called deliberate willful neglect (disobedience). I chose to ignore what I knew would please my mom (never a good move). It’s not a good move with God either. I have learned that with God (as with mom), I need to stay closer to where I can hear him when he calls. It works out MUCH better. Believe me, I know the difference. Lord, keep me close to you, may I stay close enough to hear when you call and then respond quickly.

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