Seek God Sooner Than Later


Humbly, earnestly, seek God quickly for his help (Isa 65:1–5). #SeekGodEarly #NoTimeLikeNowToSeekGod


Isaiah 65:1 answers the questions asked in the last verse of Chapter 64. “Lord, will you continue ignoring us? Will you keep on being silent and punishing us?“ The answer – God says, “I was [and always am] ready to respond…was [and am] ready to be found, B U T no one asked me for help nor went looking for me.“

So many Scriptures tell us that if we seek God, call out to him, he WILL be found (e.g.: Isa 55:6; Psm 34:4-6; Pro 8:17; 2Ch 15:2b; Jer 29:12-14). In Isa 65:3-5 God says, “All day I stand ready, arms wide open to those who will seek me. But…“ The problem? Man is too rebellious, arrogant, selfish and self-righteous (see also Jas 3:1-3). Lord, may it not be said of me that I was too arrogant and rebellious to stop and earnestly seek you for help.

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