R&R – I’m Listening Lord

This sentry continues along a path of renewal and restoration. I have immeresed myself in Isaiah 40-66. Restoration, redemption and the future glory of Israel and the Church.

August 4, 2021 – Isaiah 46-48

Expect God to work. Expect him to work in the most unlikely of ways.

The false gods of men (in Israel), were conceived in their own creative imagery, fashioned by their own hands. They offered nothing. No wisdom, no protection, no magical charms; predictable, safe, powerless.

Your captors have bound you. You are tested by fire of suffering. Yahweh says your captors will flee before another pagan king (Cyrus) of his anointing (an unlikely source). The Holy one of Israel predicts it 150-200 years before it happened.

Then, the Holy one will restore you and you will sing of his glory.

I WILL SING OF MY REDEEMER (Philip P. Bliss, 1878)

1) I will sing of my Redeemer

And His wondrous love to me;

On the cruel cross He suffered,

From the curse to set me free.


Sing, oh sing, of my Redeemer,

With His blood, He purchased me.

On the cross, He sealed my pardon,

Paid the debt, and made me free.

2) I will tell the wondrous story,

How my lost estate to save,

In His boundless love and mercy,

He the ransom freely gave.


3) I will praise my dear Redeemer,

His triumphant power I’ll tell,

How the victory He giveth

Over sin, and death, and hell.


4) I will sing of my Redeemer,

And His heav’nly love to me;

He from death to life hath brought me,

Son of God with Him to be.


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